Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pink Polo Shirts for Men's Fashion

Pink Polo Shirts for Men's Fashion
The designing of polo shirts varies in many different aspects. Some designers have preference for a certain kind of material to be used, the design cut, while others concentrate on color. More than half a century ago, the color pink was a major “no-no” for polo shirt fashion. Pink polo shirts could have been a product of imagination at that point in time. Fashion designers also rely on historical data to back-up their designs regarding acceptability and product marketing.

Historical Trends of Pink

Who would ever have thought that pink was originally assigned to boys for nearly 20 years in the early 1900’s, would be a color more appropriately used for girls since the 1940’s circa? The pink color for girl’s fashion norm prevailed, and continues to this today. In a world of “dog eat dog” competition, pink polo shirts (for men) seems to be gaining ground. Imaginative marketing minds have found a wealth in pink polo shirts for men’s wardrobes. It’s the color that has captivated the minds of many looking for uniqueness, and pink is a flattering color to many men’s skin tones.

Timing has also contributed to a large degree of the introduction of pink polo shirts. Drawing from its past acceptance in the West in the early 1900’s, when boys wore that color, repackaging the color’s marketability to men and bringing a modern twist to a historic trend, was very creative.

Pink polo shirts now occupy a part of many mens’ closets. Display counters of department stores and specialty shops showcase pink polo shirts in most shopping malls. The range of pink polo shirts also can vary from a very light shade, to a medium pink, to tones almost crossing into coral or salmon colors, to the brighter and more vivid shades of magenta.

The color trend is also spilling over into other styles of pink shirts made specifically for men. Recently I went to a rodeo in which the majority of the cowboys wore western styled shirts in the a pale pink color. The theme for this rodeo was, “tough enough to wear pink”. It was refreshing to see men breaking away from some of the sterotypes about pink.

When you stop and think about it, pink is a favorite color of many women, why wouldn’t they want to see their favorite color on their favorite guy?

men's pink polo shirts


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